Convert 10/16 inch to cm

Here is how to convert 10/16 inch to cm. We will give you the fractional answer, the decimal answer, and illustrate the answer on our tape measure.

One inch is equal to 127/50 centimeters. Therefore, to get the fractional answer to 10/16 inch to cm, we multiply 10/16 inch by 127/50 and simplify if necessary.

inches × 127/50 = cm
10/16 × 127/50 = cm
10/16 × 127/50 = 1 47/80
10/16 inch = 1 47/80 cm

Centimeters is usually given in decimal form, so we have also converted the fractional answer to 10/16 inch to cm, to decimal form:

1 47/80 = 1.5875
10/16 inch = 1.5875 cm

It is sometimes hard to find where a fractional measurement is on a tape measure. Our tape measure image below shows exactly where 10/16 inch is located, so you know exactly where to find it.

The top row of the tape measure is inches, and the bottom row is centimeters. As you can see, we marked 10/16 inch with a green line, so you can see where it is in relation to centimeters.

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