Fraction Equal to Fraction?

This is a great tool to learn how to determine if two fractions are equal. With each problem you submit below, we will show you with step-by-step instructions how to determine if the fractions you entered are the same.

Please enter your two fractions below to find out if they are equal.

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Below are some popular examples of what our Fraction Equal to Fraction? tool can answer. Some of the answers may surprise you!

Is 2/8 equal to 1/4?

Is 2/3 equal to 4/6?

Is 2/6 equal to 1/3?

Is 2/3 equal to 3/4?

Is 4/5 equal to 3/4?

Is 5/10 equal to 1/2?

Is 2/3 equal to 4/5?

Is 1/10 equal to 2/5?

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