What fraction of a circle is 51 degrees?

Here we will explain, calculate, and show you what fraction of a circle 51 degrees is. More specifically, if you draw two lines from the center of a circle, creating 51 degrees, what will the area between the lines be as a fraction of the whole circle?

A full turn on a circle is 360 degrees. Therefore, to calculate what fraction of a circle any number of degrees is, you can simply put the number of degrees over 360.

When we put 51 over 360 and simplify if necessary, we get the answer to "What fraction of a circle is 51 degrees?" as follows:

degrees/360 = fraction
51/360 = 17/120
51 degrees = 17/120

Below is an illustration showing you what 51 degrees and 17/120 of a circle looks like.

To create the illustration above showing you 51 degrees, we first drew a circle and then drew two lines from the center, separated by 51 degrees. The slice that the two lines create inside the circle is 17/120 of the circle.

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